James Brett Marble Chunky Knitting Yarn (Various Shades)

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James Brett's Marble Chunky knitting yarn, is fashionable, cosy and comes in a wide range of stylish shades.

When knitted up this wool produces a marble effect and would be perfect for jumpers, cardigans and jackets to keep you warm during the colder months.

Made from 100% acrylic, this chunky knitting wool can be machine washed and ironed on a cool heat, however it should not be tumble dried.

This Marble Chunky wool is available in the following shades:

  • MC2 - A mix of grey and blue shades.
  • MC3 - A mix of blue, green and purple shades.
  • MC6 - A mix of brown and blue shades.
  • MC7 - A mix of green, yellow, brown and orange shades.
  • MC8 - A mix of blue and purple shades.
  • MC9 - A mix of beige and brown shades.
  • MC11 - A mix of grey shades.
  • MC14 - A mix of pink, purple and red shades.
  • MC23 - A mix of turquoise, blue and white shades.
  • MC34 - A mix of purple and grey shades.
  • MC35 - A mix of grey, purple, red and yellow shades.
  • MC37 - A mix of green, orange, pink, purple and yellow shades.
  • MC38 - A mix of purple, green and blue shades.
  • MC43 - A mix of red, yellow and blue shades.
  • MC45 - A mix of pink, green and blue shades.
  • MC62 - A mix of blue, lilac, pink and white shades.
  • MC65 - A mix of black, cream, grey and white shades.
  • MC89 - A mix of brown, grey and orange shades.
  • MC90 - A mix of beige, blue, burgundy and green shades.
  • MC91 - A mix of orange, purple and red shades.
  • MC92 - A mix of blue, green, red and white shades.
  • MC93 - A mix of blue, lilac and mint green shades.
  • MC94 - A mix of green, brown and cream shades.
  • MC95 - A mix of pink, purple and cream shades.
  • MC96 - A mix of blue, grey and white shades.
  • MC97 - A mix of pastel blue, green, peach, purple and yellow shades.
  • MC98 - A mix of beige, blue and lime green shades.
  • MC99 - A mix of pink, blue, green and white shades.
  • MC100 - A mix of green, orange and red shades.
  • MC101 - A mix of purple, blue, red, mustard and terracotta shades.
  • MC102 - A mix of blue, pink, purple and grey shades.
  • MC103 - A mix of purple, blue and charcoat grey shades.

The wool is available in 200g balls with a length of approximately 312 metres/341 yards and it is recommended that you use 6mm (UK 4 - USA 10) knitting needles.

Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and shades may vary across computer monitors. All measurements are approximate.

  • Care Instructions: Machine washable, can be ironed on a cool heat, do not tumble dry.
  • Size: 200g ball - approx 312m / 341 yards.
  • Details: These 200g balls of chunky knitting wool by James Brett have a marbled effect when knitted up and are available in a wide range of shades.
  • Brand: James Brett
  • Type: Wool & Yarn
  • Colour: Beige Blue Black Brown Cream Lilac Green Orange Peach Pink Purple Red Wine White Grey Yellow
  • Material: 100% Acrylic
  • Length: 312 metres 341 yards
  • Country / Region of Manufacture: Turkey