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This Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Clowns booklet instructs you how to knit a range of 5 different clown characters in various costumes over 23 pages, each with their own unique and humorous props.

Each character can be made using double knitting wool and approximately 600g of good quality, machine washable stuffing. The characters should be knitted up using 3mm (UK 11 - USA 2) knitting needles unless otherwise stated. 5.5mm (UK 5 - USA 8) knitting needles are also used.

The basic clown will measure approximately 48cm (19") in height and will be free standing once complete.

The characters this booklet will instruct you to knit are as follows:

  • Basic Clown.
  • Mr Fortywinks - complete with toothbrush, toothpaste, hot water bottle, alarm clock and night light.
  • O. Yummy - complete with banana, carrot, custard pie, ice cream sundae and a string of sausages.
  • Godfrey Gadabout - complete with desert island hat, sunglasses, camera, suitcase, multi-coloured scarf and an umbrella with a duck's head.
  • Bertie Bloomer - complete with a daisy chain and mushroom patch hat, a caterpillar, a butterfly, packet of seeds, garden twine, potted plant and watering can.
  • Sidney Slapstick - complete with a pencil, glue-pot, paint brush, tin of paint, ladder, paste bucket and brush.

These clowns are sure to be well loved by children and are fun to make for knitters!

These patterns should be suitable with most double knitting yarns however, tensions may vary and we recommend you knit a tension square before knitting the whole toy.

Please note that this is a knitting book and NOT a finished knitted toy. All knitting instructions are written in English.

  • Details: This is the Jean Greenhowe Knitted Clowns knitting booklet that instructs you how to knit a selection of colourful characters.
  • Brand: Jean Greenhowe
  • Type: Knitting Patterns
  • Colour: Red Yellow Blue Green Orange Black White
  • Country / Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom